March 30, 2021

Thank you for your interest in submitting an abstract for consideration at the CANCER IMMUNOTHERAPY AND IMMUNOMONITORING Conference. CITIM Conference and exposition is a large event, with about 50 speakers in more than 15 sessions covering a broad range of topics important to tumor immunology professionals. Before submitting your abstract. Please review these important Instructions below.

Abstract FORMAT

  1. Abstracts must be written in English in MS Word format

  2. Use 10-point size Arial font

  3. Type the entire title first in bold font

  4. Include the presenting author in underlined letters followed by all coauthors and organization information (Incl. city and country)

  5. Abstract must be typed single-spaced

  6. Abstract should not exceed 500 words. Any graphic elements, such as tables and graphs, must not be included in the body of the abstract

  7. Please check your abstract carefully as it will be published as submitted

  8. E-mail you Abstract to Monica Green at

  9. Include info about your preference for ORAL or POSTER presentation, contact address and e-mail


The abstracts will be reviewed by an appropriate CITIM committee. The committee will base the selection on the following criteria: Originality; Technical Content; Significance; Quality. Accepted abstracts will be eligible for oral or poster presentations.

Best ABSTRACTS will be selected for ORAL PRESENTATIONS!

Best Abstracts/Posters will be selected for Travel and Best Presentation AWARDS!

All accepted abstracts will be published in CITIM Conference Proceeding, which will be distributed to attendees of the conference as well. You will receive information on your acceptance for oral presentation, if selected.  All correspondence will be sent to the name and address of the person who submitted the abstract.

As a reminder, CITIM Conference requires all participants to register for the conference.      


                                      Poster boards measuring 90 x 120 cm (portrait / vertical) will be available.

Poster session: April 2021

We will see you soon in vilnius!
Have safe trip!

CITIM-2021 Organizing Committee